Pai Organic Bamboo Salt
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Brand PAI
Size (L x W x H) 13 cm x 19 cm x 19 cm
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Removes toxins (such as heavy metals, chemical substances, germs, metabolic wastes, acid toxicity, free radicals).
Enhances intestinal peristalsis and eliminates sedimentary waste.
Provides minerals and trace elements.
Regulates biological mechanisms and body systems.
Regulates acid-base balance and restores body alkalinity.
Improves restorative capacity.
The ancient bamboo salt was baked only twice or trice. They used the salt as special medicine treatments.
Finally they found out that bamboo salt could have its complete medical efficacy if it is baked over 9 times repeatedly. And they also noticed that if bamboo salt is completely melted,the toxic characteristic disappears.
Now bamboo salt is well known as one of the most famous traditional medical treatments. Also many pharmaceutical scientists all around the world are researching into bamboo salts special therapeutics like anti-cancer effect and anti-virus effect